Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Youth Fitness

Regimen of stretches, exercise routines and running allocated to the start of each Village Play Time.

Recess Enhancement

Provide a safe, structured environment that promotes teamwork, good sportsmanship, social responsibility and fun. Achieved through individual class time (VPT) to promote said skills and learn active games.

After School and Summer Program

Sports-based program that promotes teamwork, good sportsmanship, communication, social responsibility and leadership through sports and group activities.

Leadership Program

Village Leaders and Elders program (train representatives of top two grades in the school to lead/support recess. It also incorporates a Learning to Work program for area High School students.

Community Engagement

Events to engage parents and community partners to promote a sense of togetherness.

Professional Development for Teachers

Quick, fun group management techniques that translate to an enhanced classroom experience.





Jabari Smith has been in the youth development field for 15+ years, learning and working on his craft from some of the best in the business, such as, Good Shepherd Services, Administration for Children Services, and Ifetayo Cultural Academy.  Jabari studied business at Brooklyn College but his passion is being a part of our youth’s growth and progression through life. His belief that learning through fun and teaching the fundamentals of teamwork is vital to the development of our youth.


It Takes a Village Youth Services is a comprehensive program to help combat childhood obesity by incorporating everyday play that assists with building leadership skills, school community and self confidence in the students we serve.  Our programs are designed to develop the entire school community through youth leadership training, professional development for teachers, recess enhancement and community engagement activities.  It Takes a Village Youth Services is committed to building school community through its partnerships.  Each residency is tailored to the needs of each school community.  Below is an outline of our multi-year program scaffold for our residencies.

Year 1 - Youth Fitness, Recess Enhancement, Leadership Program

Year 2 - Youth Fitness, Recess Enhancement, Leadership Program, After School Program

Year 3 - Youth Fitness, Recess Enhancement, Leadership Program, After School Program, Summer Program Expansion

  • Serving the New York City Area


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